Kids Enrichment Badminton Camp (June 2021)


ENROL YOUR KIDS IN OUR BADMINTON CHARACTER BUILDING ENRICHMENT CAMP THIS COMING JUNE 2021 HOLIDAY Achieving Heights Academy will be launching not 1 or 2 but a minimum of 6 […]

10 Badminton Classes Available Islandwide!!


We are expanding our kids/teens badminton classes to a neighborhood near you! Thinking of letting your child into some enrichment activities to keep them engage/fit and nurturing some outside textbook […]

Kids / Teens Badminton Exposure Camp (Dec 2019)


ENROL YOUR KIDS IN OUR BADMINTON EXPOSURE CAMP THIS COMING DECEMBER 2019 HOLIDAY After A Long Planning, Our First Kids & Teens Badminton Exposure Training Camp 2019 Is Finally Here!Learn […]

Kids Badminton Training Class Commencing!


GREAT NEWS TO ALL ENTHUSIAST SHUTTLERS!We are proud to announce that our Badminton kids training classes is commencing not just in Woodlands but Hougang area as well! Do Secure Your […]