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Achieving Heights Academy is Singapore leading Badminton academy that specializes in nurturing kids and beginners.  We aim to bring in more classes that can provide convenience for the enthusiast who wishes elevate their badminton skillset to unlock their potential 
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About Achieving Heights Academy

Achieving Heights Academy is Singapore leading Badminton academy that specializes in nurturing kids and beginners. This allows all enthusiast to join, learn, and enjoy together. Our Biz Reg Number: 53398090M. AHA believes to bring dedicated and experienced coaches/trainers together as a team to provide the best knowledge, understanding to all consumers and most importantly discovering their true passion & talent. We provide progressive, holistic and systematic training system for all trainee of different age groups and levels that guarantees in their improvement.

Who Are We

We are founded due to the strong burning passion that unites us together as one academy. We welcome all enthusiast that seeks improvement in their skill and knowledge to join us as we wish to cater to all our service to discover their true self behind every enthusiast.


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We aim to serve the best of our knowledge and experience to every enthusiast with pride and confidence. Nurturing every enthusiast and discovering them is our priority.

Company Background

The academy was founded in the early 2019 and it is lead by Mr. Tristan Tan who is also the Director and Founder, Mr. Tristan oversees the entire academy operations for Achieving Heights Academy as the Managing Director. Besides this, he is also a badminton coach himself, with his strong badminton background and knowledge he is committed to bringing out the best to all enthusiast who is keen in developing their skills & nurturing themselves. However Mr. Tristan’s passion did not just stop in Badminton contexts itself but also towards another prospect as long as learning and nurturing is a concern, with that personal vision of his own he then leads up a team of instructors/coaches to fulfill his vision and giving those enthusiasts the best they should deserve. Mr. Tristan also believes that learning & growing to take place all the time as he is open to suggestions, recommendations & feedback so doesn’t hesitate to reach us to let us know how we can improve in our academy.

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