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Nope, there isn’t any minimum age to join our classes as long as your child can understand the coach that will be fine 🙂

Yes, there are trial classes available depending on which classes you are keen on joining. (Prices at the bottom) You can contact us directly at our hotline @ (+65) 8757 1047 to make the necessary arrangement. (Please view our website in the relevant pages for the available classes details before making arrangement)

Badminton Classes @ $43 / Lessons

Nope do not worry, there isn’t any penalty however the remaining credit balance is forfeited once the respective timeframe you picked is up.

Nope, there aren’t any hidden fees. Only a one-time registration fee of SGD 25 to register for an account (with a validity period of 6 months after being deemed as inactive). All fees states on the website are based on fees without online transactional fees except the registration fees. 

An account will be deemed inactive if there isn’t any new plan being subscribed after the previous one for up to 6 months period. As usual, the respective member is still required to pay an SGD25 registration fee if he/she would like to rejoin us as a member in the future.

Nope, your class isn’t fixed as long as you can complete your classes within the assigned plan period (e.g 30Days, 60Days & 90Days) and not getting it forfeited we are fine with it. However, we do recommend student to have consistency in their classes venue. (Do inform and update your classes schedule to the coaches before coming)

Depending on which classes you are joining. As for
Badminton: Sports attire, rackets (no racket will be provided), water bottle.

Payment should be made on before the first lesson of every month. Students will be issued with an individual account to make purchases of their upcoming training credit for lesson purchase page.

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